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Dogs' Leads

paw rule

For Bernese Mountain Dogs (BMD, aka "bernies"), the gentle giant of the canine world, the best web resources areQwilleran


black poodlePoodles are getting more Web attention now:

aussieAustralian Shepherds:

Webster On the net, there are many canine information pages such as rec.pets.dogs: French Bulldogs Breed FAQ, which is a USENET group of frequently asked questions (FAQ). The American Kennel Club (AKC) has a page, but and are THE fun sites.

A great informative site is The Happy Puppy Site. This site has information about pure and mixed breed dogs, puppy search, puppy care, dog names, development changes in various breeds as puppies grow, training, lifetime expectancies, and more.

dog and Vet Pet Behavior Problems. Also see the online magazine, Dog Owner's Guide and the Animal Humane Society's Pet Behavior Library

dog and Vet For veterinary medical information on the Web, see

scared dog Homeopathic & herbal remedies (Marina Zacharius)

Terrier with back to viewer Grief counseling and resources for when a pet dies:

shaggy dog What Breed of Dog Are You?

Dog Parks

animation of a dog wagging its tail Finding a new puppy:

Shepherd leaping sheep Dog Shaming

Qwilleran and a Mac iBook There are at least 5 reasons why dogs don't like to use computers.

running black wolf Interesting crossbred dogs satisfy almost any need.

cyberdog Looking for a name? See the The Woof of Fame: 104 famous dogs that made us better

Puppy lying on its back Puppy Talk

Hand holding a purple clicker "How to Use Clicker Training to Communicate With Your Dog" by Stephanie Gibeault, MSc, CPDT, the American Kennel Club, Inc.  Updated

Australian Shepherd holding his leash Brain work: tricks to teach your dog

golden retriever A dog's love is unconditional. Some dogs express themselves in poetry. People love dogs so much, they write jokes about them:

dog reading electronics book Can a dog change a light bulb?

sitting Dalmation Holiday etiquette for dogs

dog rotti Things dogs must try to remember

Rufus dancing When the dog was created…

Ladies home companions 1900s Dogs are your best friends

basset hound writing in a book Love letter to my dog

Dog kisses Pet Appreciation Week

Collie with paper Dog personals

Doberman Pincher dog You know you've gone to the dogs when…

Head of Marquise, a French Porcelaine Shipping your pet by air?

Advice from Animal Forum
AKC Tips for Traveling with your Dog
Airline Policies For Shipping Dogs AKC report

PuppyGram logo Send a PuppyGram from The AKC PupPals Program

PAWS logo Personal Automated Wagging System (PAWS)

Wallace and Gromit icon Wallace and Gromit

logo for pet sitters organization Need someone to care for your pet while you are away? Get a pet sitter from the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. If you plan to leave your dog in a kennel, check out the guidelines provided by Canis Major Publications

Bloodhound sniffing the ground More dog pages:

dog paw Dog Paintings, the William Secord Gallery specializes in the sale of the fine nineteenth and twentieth century dog and animal paintings. It isa popular destination for those interested in original dog paintings, works on paper, sculptures, books on dogs or commissioning a portrait of your pet.  Updated
dog paw Famous Dog Paintings  New
dog paw God and Bad Dog Toys
dog paw WorkingDogWeb
dog paw WorkingDogWeb dog graphics, tools, books

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