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For additional information, see the Accessibility Design and Features page.

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About this Site

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Site Design and Contact Information

This website is designed and maintained by Cynthia A. Lockley; a Web developer and technical editor. The site is hand-coded using XHTML Strict and CSS3 (Note: the "menu buttons" on the left are not graphic images. For improved accessibility and faster page loading, they are created by using CSS.) Why do I hand code?

  1. I enjoy it.
  2. It lets me produce consistent source code that helps with page maintenance. Hand coding produces cleaner, leaner code.
  3. I can add accessibility features and improvements that WYSIWYG editors and site builder services don't support.
  4. It allows more refined control of code and site design.
  5. Hand-coded sites are more efficient than WYSIWYG sites that depend on external components and increase the chance of failing when one of those components fails.

This website launched in December 1994. Site awards are listed on the award ribbonAwards page.

Search capability of the entire site is available using the Google search form at the bottom of the page.

Play a little mood music while you browse this site:

Mood music selections are from the old Warren Trachtman's Ragtime MIDI Page. Other sources for background music are

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Web Host

SiteGround Hosting logoThis website is hosted by SiteGround. Email should be used to exchange messages related to the site performance. Send comments on any problems with the functional performance of this website to To enable a response in a manner most helpful to you, please include your contact information.

Do not send email about the following content:

  • Email for a link exchange.
  • We do not need SEO services.
  • We read email written only in English. Email written in other languages will be ignored.
  • We are not interested in a variety of services such as drugs, money-making opportunities, standing desks, etc.
  • We do not need any inheritance, sweepstakes winnings, etc.

Accessibility Features

For specific details about the accessibility of this site, see the Accessibility Design and Features page.

Standards-Supporting Browsers

All browsers have variations in how they implement HTML, CSS, and PHP standards. This site is coded to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web standards for HTML5+ instead of the ever changing browsers. These pages are designed with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) level 2.1 and 3 without the use of tables for the page layout.

The selection of which browser to use may not be under your control. However, if you do have control over what browser you are using, W3C standards-compliant browsers are Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Use the Can I Use tool to compare support for your code in different browsers.

The Web standards are developed and maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The standards ensure that the Web will work better for all users.

For more information about W3C standards for Accessibility and CSS, see

Browser upgrades are FREE and easy to install. Upgrading your browser will enhance your experience with this website and with many other sites on the Internet. An upgrade will allow you to use and view websites as their design is intended and allow you to benefit from features that are not available to older browsers.

This website is Macintosh logotype computer with BBEdit logotype

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PDF Fle Information

Some hypertext links may take you to Portable Document Format (PDF) files you can view in your Web browser. Your modern browser may no longer support a PDF helper application. The Acrobat/Acrobat Reader plug-in for web browsers relies on the cross-platform plug-in architecture NPAPI, which had been supported by all major web browsers for over a decade. The following browsers have dropped support for NPAPI, and therefore Acrobat/Acrobat Reader plug-in does not work on these browsers anymore to display the PDF.

  • Mozilla Firefox (v52 and above)
  • Google Chrome (September 2015 release onwards)
  • Apple Safari (v12 and above)
  • Microsoft Edge

For more information, see Change in support for Acrobat and Reader plug-ins in modern web browsers.

If you can't view the PDF files or you get an error message, download and install the latest version of the FREE Acrobat® Reader™ plug-in for your browser: Some PDF files are saved with accessibility and search capabilities for screen readers. Acrobat Pro DC can compare two versions of a PDF to review all differences, turn scanned documents into editable, searchable PDFs, redact to permanently remove sensitive information in PDFs, and validate and fix PDFs for ISO and accessibility standards

PDF file links are marked by a (.pdf) following the link and may also include the size of the PDF with the .pdf file extension at the end of the link (250 KB .pdf). PDF files are extremely compact, platform-independent, and easy to create. They offer design control, print-ready documents, and an endless array of authoring applications. PDF is an extension of the Encapsulated PostScript format that allows hypertext linking. Some PDF files may contain hypertext links that take you to another location in the PDF file or to another Web page. The hypertext links are indicated by a hot spot in the PDF file where the cursor changes to a hand with a pointing finger. Use the Back button to return to previous pages in the Web browser or to return from the PDF viewer to the HTML viewer.


Some pages on this site use JavaScript™. If you have disabled Javascript™, you may want to turn it on to use the features and enhancements provided by JavaScript™.

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Surfer WWW Help, Hints, and Technique

You can find helpful information in my World Wide Web Resources page. It provides links to sources for audio, browsers, graphics and icons, HTML and SGML guides, information about publishing on the Web, and related software and tools. Tutorials and additional guidelines are also available to members of the HTML Writers Guild. Use a variety of Web search engines provided on the Search the Web page to look for additional resources, people, places, and things. If you are new to the World Wide Web and want to learn how to create your own home page, see my presentation and workshop about The World Wide Web and How to Get into It.

Disclaimers, Copyrights, and Privacy Policy

For information about disclaimers, opinions, product endorsements, copyrights, and the privacy policy on this site, see:

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