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Copyrights for works of others on this site

Clip art of the Gibson Girl is by the American artist Charles Dana Gibson done around 1890-1910, available from DeskGallery® or scanned from prints.

Some images are from the Zedcor, Inc. DeskGallery image collection or the SoftKey Software Products of Florida, Inc. Key ClipMASTER PRO image library. Some graphics (such as the black Toronto skylines and some background tiles) and photographs are my originals and copyrighted by Cynthia Lockley. Other graphics were found on various collections around the Web. These collections don't all credit the original artists, but I will credit them when I find them. Many of the Canadian icons were found on other web pages and the artists were not identified. I have modified and enhanced some for better presentation. Some graphics were created for my by Kitty Roach and Keikki Luhtala. Their copyrights are identified here, and I will identify the copyright attributions for other images as I learn about the artists/owners.

The Victorian divider line is a copyright of Kitty Roach.

Some backgrounds in the background collection are by Heikki Luhtala. Heikki did wonderfully creative background images for web pages.

The scene from "Due South" is a copyright of Due South/Alliance Communications Corp; 1996.

The old Blue Jay logo is a copyright of the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club, Toronto, Canada..

The photograph of the Washington Monument is a copyright of the Smithsonian Institution who gives permission to use them for non-profit use only.

My rendition of the famous mountie, Doright, is based on cartoons from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.

The animated squirrel getting some gardening justice (rockymov.gif) is copyright, 1996 by Bud's (Plants and Bulbs) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The lemming lines were created by Thomas Linder who gives permission to grab them for non-profit use only.

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