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Puppy Talk

flower bed
rose bush
see tulip
tree bark
see tulip
not a toilet; see tulip
self propelled toys
mom's fingers and clothes
the best chew toys money can buy
a god that is to be worshipped and sat in front of many, many times throughout the day, even if no one is in the kitchen
food in bowl
air, to be inhaled in the same fashion
blanket for bed
chew toy
big plant outside the back door
great big green lawn
not a toilet
something to go potty next too
dirt clod
see tulip
compost pile
small children
litter mates (it's even better when they try to run away)
crying baby
someone to sing a duet with
safety gates
bad, very bad
see safety gate
see safety gate
puppy toys
not as fun as baby toys
dog bed
human's favorite chair
see couch
human's lap
see couch
anywhere in particular that you want to be
see couch
water dish
cat litter box
candy store
dog food
people food
see birdseed
baby food
see birdseed
fake plastic Easter grass
same as outdoor grass
outdoor grass
My new brother's tail
tug toy
My new brother's chest
tug toy
My new brother's lips and ears
tug toy
my shadow's name, every time I hear it, he's there.

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