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Murphy's page

Murphy and first litter Murphy von Adlerhorst, a Bernese Mountain Dog, was born on 1 January 1994 in Fairfax, Virginia. She died on 25 March 2000 after she climbed the fence because of a distant flash of lightning. She had been bred two weeks earlier so the driver killed more than one dog.

Murphy gave birth to her first litter on December 28, 1996. Here is Murphy with her first litter: Pandora, Persephone, and Pericles, when they were four weeks old.

New Puppies!

Murphy and second litterMurphy gave birth to her second litter on October 12, 1997. Three girls and two boys. We kept the one lying on the sheepskin rug. His name is Qwilleran. 'Qwill' appears on many other pages in this website.


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