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The following is the main content for the page. 

As I've moved through life, I've found some joys and some sorrows—well, a lot of sorrows. The best joy was finding that I can express my creativity and share my knowledge and experiences with others through the Web. I have worked on websites for corporations I've worked for and I develop and maintain websites for my professional organization, neighborhood civic association, and family. This site started in 1994 as a replacement for a community newsletter and contained some personal items of interest. The Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association – CSTCA community site has moved to a blog at I remain a work in progress and so does this site.

Until I come up with more for this introduction, please use the navigation on the left and enjoy some images of a few of the places where I've lived, worked, and visited. (More to come.)

Brazil: São Paulo & a Beach at Uba Tuba

Landsat image of coast of Brazil photo of beach
A visit to friends from college.

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Mood music for this site by Joseph Lamb (1887 - 1960) "American Beauty Rag" (1913)
from the old Warren Trachtman's Ragtime MIDI Page
Another favorite: Scott Joplin (1868 - 1917) "Reflection Rag" (1917)

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