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Dogs in Winter 2003 President's Day Storm, page 2

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25-Qwill looks left-17feb03
25 Qwill Looks Left 17feb03.

26-Qwill looks right-17feb03
26 Qwill Looks Right 17feb03.


27-Qwill lying in snow-17feb03
27 Qwill Lying in Snow 17feb03.

28-Qwill lying in snow-2-17feb03
28 Qwill Lying in Snow-2 17feb03.


29-Qwill lying in snow-3-17feb032
29 Qwill Lying in Snow-3 17feb032.

30-Qwill on cable in snow-17feb03
30 Qwill on Cable in Snow 17feb03.


31-Qwill searching in snow-17feb03
31 Qwill Searching in Snow 17feb03.

32-Qwill trys to encourage Sam-17feb03
32 Qwill Trys to Encourage Sam 17feb03.


33-Qwill ventures out-17feb03
33 Qwill Ventures Out 17feb03.

34-Qwill watches Sam struggle-17feb03
34 Qwill Watches Sam Struggle 17feb03.


35-Qwill's happy leap-17feb03
35 Qwill's Happy Leap 17feb03.

36-Sam and Qwill claws out-17feb03
36 Sam and Qwill Claws Out 17feb03.


37-Sam doesn't want to paly-17feb03
37 Sam Doesn't Want to Paly 17feb03.

38-Sam from rear-17feb03
38 Sam From Rear 17feb03.


39-Sam glowering at me-17feb03
39 Sam Glowering at Me 17feb03.

40-Sam glowering-17feb03
40 Sam Glowering 17feb03.


41-Sam not interested in playing-17feb03
41 Sam Not Interested in Playing 17feb03.

42-Sam ignoring me-17feb03
42 Sam Ignoring Me 17feb03.


43-Sam putting up with it-17feb03
43 Sam Putting Up With It 17feb03.

44-Sam relaxed-17feb03
44 Sam Relaxed 17feb03.


45-Sam resigned to the snow-17feb03
45 Sam Resigned to the Snow 17feb03.

46-Sam unhappy-17feb03
46 Sam Unhappy 17feb03.


47-Sam watching birds-17feb03
47 Sam Watching Birds 17feb03.

48-Sam walks off-17feb03
48 Sam Walks Off 17feb03.


49-Sam ventures out-17feb03
49 Sam Ventures Out 17feb03.

50-Sam wishes he wasn't here-17feb03
50 Sam Wishes He Wasn't Here 17feb03.


51-Sam wonders why he is here-17feb03
51 Sam Wonders Why He Is Here 17feb03.

52-Sam wants  to be somewhere else-17feb03
52 Sam Wants to Be Somewhere Else 17feb03.


53-Shovelled driveway-17feb03
53 Shoveled Driveway 17feb03.

54-Shovelled out Miata-17feb03
54 Shoveled Out Miata 17feb03


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