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Work Shop Graphics

To grab an image for your page, click and hold your mouse pointer on the image and select "save this image as…" View the source file to see the width and height dimensions for each image and use the following tagging for each image you use:

<img src="./name.type" width="nn" height="nn" alt="name for text only browsers">

Experiment by adding align=, hspace=, and vspace= elements to place images where you want them to be and to wrap text around an image.

Backgrounds and divider lines

 flipped skyline thread line   skyline divider line

red divider line

line   white picket fence divider line

line   yellow divider line

For more divider lines, see my collection of line dividers.

background   crumpled brownpaper back   background   yellow graph pad back

For more backgrounds, see my collection of backgrounds.

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original teddy bear   original teddy bear   tennis player from 1891   tennis player from 1891

adult tricycle   tricycle   singer treddle sewing machine   treddle sewing

Renoir boating party   boating party   ballroom dancing   ballroom dancing

small sun icon   small sun   blue butterfly icon   blue butterfly   Bloodhound sniffing the ground   bloodhound


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