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Work Shop Practice


Winter activities

hockey iconWelcome to my ice rink. Keep your blades sharp, don't stop by skating into other people, and watch out for flying hockey pucks.

You can place graphics on either side of the text or place it in the center of the page by using CSS positioning markup such as margin adjustments or floats. Be sure to use the alt= element in the image code to provide a text description of the image for users who are using screen reader or who are not loading images. The alt text should not be the same as the file name and should provide a good description for someone who can' see it.

blue butterfly Flights of fancy

Content goes here. To change the graphics grab some new ones from the workshop samples, or surf the Web for different ones.

Next heading

More content. Expand your story and experiment with placing graphics on the page. You can also use center alignment in the paragraph tag to center text below a graphic with the <br> tag:

women chemistry students
Women chemistry students in a lab.

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Adapt the remaining portion of this file to change the applicable e-mail addresses, copyright statements, navigation links, and so forth.

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