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State parks and campgrounds in Maryland

State Park Campgrounds

Maryland has 47 operational state parks and around 51 public camp sites. A full list of amenities is available in the Outdoors section on the Maryland is Fun website.

For State parks and campgrounds, you can find information at the following links from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources:

The following are Maryland State parks that have campgrounds.

  • Assateague State Park
  • Big Run State Park
  • Cunningham Falls State Park
  • Dans Mountain State Park
  • Deep Creek Lake State Park
  • Elk Neck State Park
  • Fort Frederick State Park
  • Gambrill State Park
  • Garrett State Forest
  • Greenbrier State Park
  • Green Ridge State Forest
  • Gunpowder Falls State Park
  • Hart-Miller Island State Park
  • Herrington Manor State Park
  • Janes Island State Park
  • Martinak State Park
  • New Germany State Park
  • Patapsco Valley State Park
  • Pocomoke River State Park
  • Point Lookout State Park
  • Potomac State Forest
  • Rocky Gap State Park
  • Rocks State Park
  • Sandy Point State Park
  • Savage River State Forest
  • Seneca Creek State Park
  • Smallwood State Park
  • South Mountain State Park
  • St. Mary's River State Park
  • Susquehanna State Park
  • Swallow Falls State Park
  • Washington Monument State Park

National Park Service Campgrounds

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National Historic Sites

Private / Commercial Campgrounds

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