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For all those who have asked me what "hoser" means, here is a good definition from Canadian Words; a comic browse through words and folk sayings invented by Canadians by Bill Casselman, Copp Clark Ltd., 1995, ISBN 0-7730-5515-0

"A hoser is the all-Canadian, beer-swilling, tuque-headed yokel, as popularized by Bob & Doug McKenzie, TV characters created by SCTV stars Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas.

A hoser is one who hoses. As a colloquial verb, for some thirty years, to hose has meant to clobber the opposing team in a hockey game, also to screw someone up, to mess up another's plans."

What's a tuque?

Bob and Doug McKenzie, hosers from the Great White NorthA tuque is a close-fitting, wool hat. Be sure to read the back issues of Bob and Doug McKenzie's monthly newsletter The Hoser.


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