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Construction graphics, part 2

In Part 1:

In Part 2:

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Bars and banners

yellow and black striped Under Construction bar

an Under Construction banner  an Under Construction banner  an image of men using construction equipment for road maintenance

an Under Construction banner

an Under Construction banner warning sign that says: This area under construction. Please watch your step in this department.

A red banner with a warning triangle that has a construction barrior in the middle of it.

A black warning sign with yellow stripes that has Danger Danger Danger in red separated by red flashing lights.

A thin rule line of string with a temporary piece of tape at both ends.

A purple banner showing a hammer with a white spider web in the backgroud and the words: Web Construction.

A divider line made of two shovels in a row with their handles pointing at each other.

A black and yellow bar line.

A black and yellow bar line.

a German style red and white construction bar line

A novelty German dividing line with a Men at Work white with red trim triangle sign and a lemming nearby using a jack hammer.

A novelty German banner that says Coming Soon with little lemmings doing various construction tasks on and around the letters. On both ends is a Men at Work yellow with red trim triangle sign surounded by two lemmings.

A rule line with a European yellow warning sign showing a large exclamation mark in the center and two palm-forward white hands on a red spot at both ends.

A collection of 27 European highway warning signs.

A rectangular gray sign with red European warning signs (large black exclamation point on a white with red trim triangle) all around the edges of the sign that has in all black caps WARNING in the middle with an exclamation mark on both ends of the word. image placeholder for image to be provided 

In Part 1:

In Part 2:


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