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Construction graphics, part 1

Of all human constructions the only ones that avoid the dissolving hands of time are castles in the air.Frederico De Roberto

In Part 1:

In Part 2:

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Note: This is a collection of construction graphics that I've found on various pages on the Web. To grab an image, click and hold (right click in Windows) your mouse pointer on the image and select "Save this image as…".

Graphics and icons

construction site wheelbarrows with dirt and a shovel  graphic  metal hammer  hammer and screwdriver  screwdriver  hammer and pliers  right full wheelbarrow  right empty wheelbarrow  left empty wheelbarrow  left full wheelbarrow  toolbox  toolbox  wrench, screwdriver, unidentifiable item, and right angle tools  leverer, plumb line, and right angle tools  wood planner  wood saw  mitre box saw  screw  screw  jigsaw  table saw  power saw  band saw  plumber's wrench  ratchet brace  hand drill  animated drill  bundle of dynamite  animated countdown  sawhorse set  construction guy  yellow hard hat  yellow hard hat  construction guy with a drill  bulldozer button  bulldozer  Revised  new  animated New  Updated  working on it!  soon  fixed  wow  Information  black information sign  blue informaiton sign  black required spot  black information spot  broken GIF icon  help  questions, small  questions, larger  questions, purple  WMATA sign  directions  sitemap  1890s street sign that says Site Map Directions Information Highway sign  Enjoy the Ride sign  Welcome to the Internet higway sign  Welcome to the Internet highway sign  Exit sign  No entrance sign  Do not enter sign  Yield sign  warning triangle  Drive slowly sign  stop for pedestrian sign  large stop sign  stop sign  red stop sign  black stop sign  stop sign animated  stop sign  electric shock warning  German men working sign  electric shock warning  man banging head on computer warning sign  man at work sign  man at work sign  man at work sign  man at work sign  man at work sign  man at work sign  man asleep sign

man on a break sign  large man on a break sign  right arrow  curve warning  onramp warning  caution foot-in-mouth road sign 

european man at work sign  european man at work sign  european construction site sign  european warning triangle  european warning sign  european slippery road sign 

Moose at Work sign  Moose at Work sign  graphic  animated building construction  paper hanger  paperhanger  contaminated materials sign  biological hazard sign  authorized personnel only sign  work in progress sign  detour sign  road work ahead sign  blasting zone sign  turn off your radio sign  end of blasting area sign  road closed sign  under construction sign  fork lifter

we can do it war poster  We can do it, small

blank slate  blank slate

greenboard with homework assignment  greenboard with homework assignment

slanted under construction  under construction sign  under construction sign  under construction sign  white barricade  under construction sign  road barricade  sawhorse barricade  small barricade  under construction sawhorse  sawhorse and traffic cones  sawhorse with pail and spade leaning on it  under construction sign  european road construction symbols  highway work cones 

horsedrawn lawnmower in the 1880s site maintenance  horsedrawn lawnmower in the 1880s site maintenance 

International Bicycle Road SignsBicycle road signs in NL, U.S., Canada, etc.

Related Information

In Part 1:

In Part 2:


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