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Canadian icons

Maps, Maples, Masks, and MountiesBackground tilesSkylines

Maps, Maples, Masks, and Mounties

mountie with Canadian flag  Canada map  red leag  red leaf  red leaf  maple leaf  maple leaf in all color phases  Leafless maple tree  Image of all the Canadian tartans layed over the nodes of a maple leaf from the Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada - a nonprofit Scottish association for information on clans and all things scottish.  Tartans for each province and territory of Canada.  Canadian Maple Leaf Tartan  Canadian Beaver  Early Canadian postage stamp for three pense  Canada goose  Commom Loon on the lake  Squamish loon art  One Loonie coin  Canadian Nickle coin  Canadian turtle-lore says it holds the world on its back  Inuit symbol: the Inukshuk Guide; a man of stone who points the way  Inuit art of the enchanted owl  raven mask of northwest coast indians  Toronto Blue Jays logo  map of Canada flag  mountie cartoon  mounties  mountie  mountie with a stop sign  mounties and totem pole  mounty on his horse  Canadian horse  small totem pole  Dudley  Canadian paeliment building in Ottawa lacrosse and hockey players  hockey puck  hockey skate 

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Background tiles

Canada flag background
maple leaf background
embossed maple leaf background

maple leaf background
birch trees background
light birch trees background

birch bark background
birch bark background variation
sand background

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Canadian Falls  Toronto button  CN Tower pointing up  CN Tower pointing right  CN Tower pointing left

Toronto skyline silhouette  Toronto skyline with beacon light

Toronto CN Tower  Toronto CN Tower  Toronto skyline

Aerial view of Vancouver, B.C.
Ariel view of Vancouver, BC
Kitts Beach, Vancouver, B.C. skyline
Kitt's Beach, Vancouver, BC

My favorite spot on the Earth—the other side of the Capalino River Canyon near Vancouver, B.C. To get there, cross over 450 feet of swaying cedar planks 250 feet up in the air above the Capalino River.

Capalino Suspension bridge  Capalino Suspension bridge  Capalino Suspension bridge  dead tree in pond  Capalino Bridge in with falls  Capalino Suspension bridge  Capalino Suspension bridge

Official Symbols of Canada

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